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“Joyful Confidence” in the face of the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Gay Marriage

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Dr. Russell Moore’s video response to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in favor of legislating gay marriage nationwide is the best I’ve seen:

Something that has struck me each time I’ve watched the video is Dr. Moore’s call to us Christians to be “people of joyful confidence,” in part because the non-Christian supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision can be heard in the background shouting for joy.

As Dr. Moore urges us in his response to the ruling, we Christians must hold fast to the true source of eternally lasting joy, the gospel of Jesus Christ, who “can’t be put back into the grave.”

Our responsibility as Christians moving forward in this drastically changed and changing culture is to share the gospel with all sinners in love and out of hope of bringing them to him who will truly satisfy them: Jesus Christ.

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