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Sermons on 1 Timothy

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For the past four years, I have preached intermittently from 1 Timothy. I completed this series in June 2013. I apologize for the absence of links to sermons 7-9; I do not have the audio files for those sermons.

  1. Using the Law in Love (1:1-11)
  2. God’s Glory in Salvation (1:12-17)
  3. Waging the Good Warfare of Church Discipline (1:18-20)
  4. Corporate Prayer for the Sake of the Gospel (2:1-7)
  5. Men’s and Women’s Roles in the Church (2:8-15)
  6. Confessing the Great Mystery of Godliness (3:1-13)
  7. Train Yourself for Godliness (4:1-11)
  8. Saving Myself and My Hearers (4:12-5:2)
  9. Honor Widows (5:3-16)
  10. Elders Worthy of Double Honor (5:17)
  11. The “Who” and “How” of Double Honor (5:17-25)
  12. How Christ Transforms Slavery (6:1-2)
  13. The Danger of a Different Doctrine (6:3-5)
  14. Godliness vs. Greed (6:6-10)
  15. Living as a Person of God (6:11-16)
  16. Storing up Treasure for the Future (6:17-19)
  17. How to Resist False Teaching (6:20-21)

Written by Jordan Atkinson

June 26, 2013 at 8:04 PM

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